Showcase your unique designs knowing that they are fully protected.

The appearance of your product is often a big factor in whether a customer chooses your product instead of those of another company. If you have invested time and skill in designing how your product appears, you should consider protecting it as a registered design.




  • Features that are solely dictated by the product’s technical function
  • Features that allow the product to be connected to or with another product for it to perform its function (must fit), or features that are necessary to match with another part (must match)

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Your design must:

  • Be novel (it must be different to prior designs by more than immaterial details)
  • Have individual character (it must produce on the informed user a different overall impression from prior designs)
  • Be registered within 12 months of first making it available to the public

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We offer:

  • One design filed
  • 30-minute design consultation to discuss your designs
  • A search on the UK Design Database to check for prior designs
  • A report on the novelty of your design in light of the results from the design search
  • An application filed by a Trade Mark Attorney
  • Reporting of all stages and provision of registration certificate
*Professional fee only. Does not include UKIPO Gov filing fees. VAT not applicable

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If you have created an original literary, musical, or artistic work, there is always the risk that people will replicate your work. You can copyright your work relatively simply. However, the law isn’t always consistent, and protecting your copyright isn’t always straightforward.

If you have an original work or feel yours is being infringed upon, contact Neo Percept IP to find out how our UK Trade Mark Attorneys can help.






What is a Patent?

A patent is a legal right that protects an invention. Having a patent is extremely important because it allows you to take legal action against a third party that sells, makes, imports, or uses your invention without your consent.

What can be patented?

3 requirements need to be satisfied before your invention can be patented:

  • Your invention must be new. This means that it should not already be known amongst the public anywhere in the world before the date that you apply for a patent)
  • It must be inventive. You won’t get protection for something that is a simple modification to what already exists
  • It must be capable of industrial application. This means that it is something that can be made or used in any type of industry

Top tip! – Keep your invention a secret before filing a patent application!

We work with consultant Patent Attorneys who can assist you with a patent enquiry. Send us an email enquiry if you would like us to refer to you a Patent Attorney  






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